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Reviewing of the Municipal Development Plan for Fjardabyggd - Online questionnaires

The Local Government of Fjarðabyggð is reviewing the Municipal Development Plan for the municipality. An important part of the process is consulting residents and other stakeholders. Key purpose of the Municipal Development Plan is to lay out a strategy for land use that meets the needs of the residents in a sustainable way. Hence, your views and ideas are a crucial input.

Under normal circumstances residents meetings would have been held. But because of COVID-19 we have to rely on online questionnaires instead. Three questionnaires have been prepared: for residents, businesses and landowners. All questionnaires are available in Icelandic, English and Polish.

We encourage everyone to participate and submit their suggestions.

In the following weeks a draft Municipal Development Plan will be published followed by further opportunity for residents and stakeholders to express their views and ideas.

A website with further information and the questionnaire is available here:, see link pointing to the English version